We trust that this interactive process will take your curiosity about the NRF into an explorative journey that you find informative, supportive, and satisfying.

There are several important features about this interactive manual that we would like to share with you.


Tracking where you are in the process of reading

Please note that there are 2 places where you can find your location.
1) The top of the page will tell you what section you are in, and
2) The sidebar will also be highlighted in a burgundy color and tell you the same.

Table of Contents has portions where it is expanded:

When clicking on the contents, there may be further details within a section that is present. For example, “Getting Started with Step 1” exists as a subheading under Step One and then is further elaborated then you click on it, into it’s smaller subsections.


This allows you to open the page into a full page, or to reduce the page with the sidebar to your left tracking what section you are in.

Larger and smaller size of page

This is a click that takes you forward a page at a time or backwards a page at a time.
There is one set at the top of the page and one set at the bottom of the page.

More languages coming soon.


While this first manual is in English, it has the potential to be translated into many languages.


This is how we will stay in touch and communicate with you! We will intermittently update pages either because there is a slight grammatical error or typo that we catch or, more importantly, updated and/or new handouts, or new and/or updated assessment tools. We will announce any free live webinars that are upcoming. We also will notify you when our training videos will be completed for each Step which can give you further guidance into the use of the NRF alongside the use of the manual. Any new NRF product that emerges such as a Practitioner Dashboard and Parent App will be announced for your convenience.


This allows you to email others and to send them a screenshot of something you are excited to share with others. Quickly share important items with other providers and parents to cultivate a collaborative team. This feature is helping us build community and collaborative care.


This gets you to your Login information.


Bookmarks are a for a favorite page or passage that you want to remember and find with ease.

Taking notes

To your right side you have a space to take notes either by writing into this section, by pasting a screenshot of some written sentences you want to find quickly or pull up something important to you.


When you click on this symbol, all the teaching handouts, noted as PsychoEducational tools (PE) and assessment tools, noted as Data Collection tools (DC), for this section will be provided for you. You can immediately download them to view and to save them to print out as many as you need. There are short videos that will be connected to most handouts over time that provide you with a brief orientation to the concepts with our key handouts and tools for assessment.

Please enjoy experimenting with each of these features and getting used to them!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at admin@NRFcare.org